Meeting Dates for 2020

Committee meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month at the Resource Centre.Mid Street Keith . 2pm 3pm.     

January 23rd.    Welcome and support  ,  Tea and eats donated by Tesco .                

February 20th  -Welcome and support    Photo shoot for a donation , discussion ,

February. 22nd  Patties’ 90th birthday party .

March  19th . AGM  Meeting / support   Sandra from Keirans Charity to demonstrate a defibrillator and a talk 

 April 16th          Meeting/support

May    21st          Meeting /support

June   18th          Meeting /support 

 July No meeting , for support please refer to Contacts .

August     20th   Meeting /support

September 17th   Meeting and support 

October       15th   Meeting /support

November    19th      SUPPORT 

December    17th.   .