Meeting Dates for 2019

Committee meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month at the Resource Centre..Mid Street Keith .      

January 17th.    Welcome and support  , donation presentations and photo shoots .                    February 21st  -Welcome and support  , story telling .

March  21st . AGM  and memories   

 18th  Easter egg painting ./support 

May    16th       Support and Bingo Therapy    

June   20th 

 July   3rd Outing to Knockando “Heavenly teas “.  for the healing process. 

July No meeting , for support please refer to Contacts .
August     15th   Guest speaker Abby Spencer from “Quarriers”.

September 19th 

October       17th    

November    21st

November 8th    .Sandra Webster will be hosting a quiz in aid of our charity  in the FifeHotel starting at 8pm . great raffle prizes. More info later date ,

December    19th